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Hour Forex Union is a long-term, secured and profitable investment program, backed up by Forex market trading.

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Welcome to Hour Forex Union

Hour Forex Union offers high-return investing in the Forex and cryptocurrency markets as well as promising start-ups on Fintech. How does it work and where does big money come from?

Everybody knows that currency exchange rates change all the time. When a currency becomes more expensive in comparison with another, people holding their money in the first currency may be winning while those who are holding their savings in the other currency may be losing because their currency has become cheaper in relation to the first one. Such changes occur every second, so if you buy a currency which is about to rise in price and sell it after the rise, you get the difference between the buy and sell prices as your profit. That is what is called currency trading or Forex trading.

Hour Forex Union employs a team of highly effective financial experts who know for sure when a currency is to rise or fall. They track the market continuously and start trading at best times. They trade both traditional currencies like US dollar and Euro, and so-called cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The Company has had very good results in both trading and start-up financing. However, what we are having now is a tiny part of what we could have if we had enough funds to use every earning opportunity in our sphere. For the purpose of increasing our current assets, we have decided to attract funds from private and corporate investors through our website platform and make profit from many more earning opportunities which we currently have to decline or ignore due to limited assets.

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Started Dec 24,2020

Running Days 27

Total Account 462

Total Deposits $ 886115.87

Total Withdrawals $ 513049.93

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Last update Jan 20, 2021

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Investment Plans

Silver Plan

1.15%-1.6% HOURLY For 90 Hours

  • Minimum : $20

  • Maximum : $3000

  • Principal Included

  • Instant Cashout

Gold Plan

4%-6% HOURLY For 60 Hours

  • Minimum : $300

  • Maximum : $20000

  • Principal Included

  • Instant Cashout

VIP Plan

15%-20% HOURLY For 30 Hours

  • Minimum : $1200

  • Maximum : $50000

  • Principal Included

  • Instant Cashout

How It Works

  Step   1

Sign Up

The process is easy and should not take more than a few minutes. Click on "Sign Up" button on the homepage. You will see a simple form where you will have to fill out all the necessary information

 Step  2

Make Deposit

Login to your account and go to "New Deposit" Page by clicking on the "New Deposit" button from the left menu. In this section you have to specify the amount and select the prefered payment method.

 Step  3

Get Hourly Profit

As soon as you’ve made your deposit you will start to accrual according to the investment plan. Every hour your earning will be sent to your account balance automatically.

 Step  4

Withdraw Funds

You can withdraw your profit instantly. Go to Withdraw page to request a payment. Click on payment processor where you want to withdraw funds. Make sure you have edited payment processor account by clicking "Account Setting" button.

Our Features


Professional Trading Management Team


Strong DDoS protection


Referral Commission - 15%


Real Time Hourly profit!


Instant Withdrawals


24/7 Friendly Support

Referral Commission

Earn money by recommending us to others. Get up to 15% on every deposit made from your referral link.







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